Dr. Harold Stecker

Be Confident In Your Doctor

Dr. Harold Stecker, Ph.D. A licensed clinical psychologist and pioneer in CES therapy

Dr Stecker was a pioneer in the development and effective utilization of mild electrical stimulation to the brain for the treatment of a wide range of psychological disorders. This therapy, known as CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation), is FDA registered and regulated, certifying its safety and effectiveness, and requires no potentially addictive narcotic medications, no surgery, and no implanted devices to achieve results.

CES is currently being successfully used by Dr. Stecker to treat patients suffering from insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, drug dependence, PTSD, and stress of the autistic spectrum.

Dr Stecker has also successfully used CES to provide hope and relief to patients and families struggling in a destructive battle with addictive substance disorders, including abuses of alcohol or drugs.

Dr. Stecker remains focused, never wavering in his mission to provide relief and counsel to those who are suffering and in search of healing.

Call to schedule a FREE treatment consultation with Dr. Stecker, a leading  psychologist and clinical authority on CES therapy. Call Dr. Stecker today at 1-267-566-2419
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