Welcome to the CES Ultra Store

Here at the store, you can purchase your CES Ultra kit, complete with everything you’ll to begin your therapy.


Purchase of the CES Ultra Kit in the United States requires a prescription from a licensed health care provider.

No prescription is required outside of the U.S., nor is one required to buy any CES Ultra accessories.

To be evaluated for need, Dr. Stecker will conduct a complementary CES evaluation interview over the phone and, as appropriate, issue a prescription for CES Ultra.

Call Dr. Harold Stecker to schedule a complementary treatment consultation. Call 1-215 486 7261 today.

 Your CES Ultra Kit includes:

  • CES Ultra power unit (1)
  • Carrying case (1)
  • Low capacity lead wire (1)
  • Zero-resistance ear clips (1 pair)
  • 4 pre-gelled, woven electrodes (1pkg)
  • .5 ounce water bottle (1)
    • (for wetting ear clips)
  • 9-volt battery (1)
  • Owners operating manual (1)


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